New Zelda Anime In the Works At PLATT College – Creative Designer Dylan Bailey

New Zelda Animated Series In the Works!!!

So everybody loves Zelda right? If you don’t, go back to Call of Duty and get your KDR ratio higher then all the other trolls online (and yes I own COD3 Headshot me!). For everybody else, there is a new Zelda animated series slated for being released by the end of 2012 by lead designer Dylan Bailey. I had the privilege of reading over some of the script rough draft for the teaser, and a couple of the first episodes.


So the story line (no did not say timeline) will follow Link and Zelda going on various adventures within the magical lands of Hyrule and other famous Zelda locations. The story starts off in the Skyward Sword timeline and will focus on the character relationships of all our favorite Zelda characters. I was told that the series will evolve across all boarders of the Zelda universe, and will stay true to the overall feeling and tone of the video game. Some interesting notes:

 The Series will feature Link SPEAKING!!!

I know some fans will be hesitant to accept this, but overall I personally believe this is the correct move and will create more dynamic relationships between the characters. Also …

The show WILL deviate from the “published timeline”

Another thing that fans will be sore to accept I’m sure, Dylan Bailey noted that while the timeline will be relevant in the overall story arc, He wanted not only to be unrestricted by the restraints of the timeline, but also try to make sense out of all the jumbled opinions over the fan base.

Dylan Bailey is still looking for some positions on working with the title, including but not limited to, animators, voice actors, and video specialists.

If you are interested in working on this title, let me know, and I can get in contact for you. Or if you attend PLATT college, he is attending the afternoon classes in term 2

Here are some voice actors whom he is considering for the role of Link. Think you can do a better job? Let me know in the comment section below.

Links Voice Starts at (0:33)

Hope you guys are as excited as I am!!!

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Gavin Jedionston


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  1. thank you so much, Gavin. Hope you all enjoy this everybody.

  2. Link speaking wow that will be weird. Zelda games are awesome the most recent one that I enjoyedwas twilight princess, the graphics for it at the time were top notch but the best one was ocarina of time. I wnder if this game can beat both put togother.

    • Yeah Skyward Sword was a great game, probably my current favorite Zelda title, only because it is fresh in my mind though, favorite of all time? …

      MAJOR’S MASK!!!!!!

      just kidding, its Ocarina of TIme
      Major is one of my favorites though

  3. you need to play Skyward Sword, honestly it is much more like ocarina of time, I enjoyed it more then Twilight Princess personally.

    • Actually its an interesting project, My favorite Game has to be Ocarina of Time,and Skyward sword, and Majoras mask. Twilight princess was great, but the environment felt so barren. Skyward actually is different,fun, and expands on the Mythos so well. 🙂

  4. Actually Right now we are finding actors so far a few people audition, auditions close on July 26th 2012. e-mail Gavin or myself if your interested.

  5. yeah well looks like you should update it, form how the seduce is coming along, it seems like episodes are going to come out in either mid to late 2013. Anyone with questions can just e-mail me.

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