Star Trek 2, New Star Trek Video Game Trailer and Speculations

So “Star Trek 2” started filming recently, and J J Abrams is back, along with the entire cast of the 2009 blockbuster title Star Trek. The new film is slated to be in theaters in May 17th 2013. There has been a lot of rumors about Kahn being the new main Villain, what do you think about that?

Ricardo … you devil

It could be possible that the movie will focus on a completely new plot, going further in the alternate timeline ( prefer this actually). It seems most trekkies, from what I gather online, believe that the 2009 movie lacked the overall emotional depth as the TV series. Resulting in a more formulaic generic movie, I still think the actor who played Bones in the 2009 version was pretty good.

Carl Urban is pretty fugin purple epic gear kay

NOW FOLD THE FUX ON!!!! ok this is a gamer blog right? so why am I getting all trekkie over here huh?


Anyways so yeah this game is supposed to be released sometime this year so I will probably check it out, most of the beta reviews have been good so far so I guess we will just have to wait and see.

And Yes I planned to bring this all back around to video games in the end

Just past 12

My chips are stale

Microwave beeps, I just can’t sleep

Morning comes  I’m almost done

Unconcious until the sun is gone

(recovering WoW addict)

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  1. I herd Benidict Cumberbatch is playing the main villian. He looks nothing like Khan, BUT, I think it will be entirely New.

  2. Yeah I heard that to, I am not a huge fan of his but I hope they are doing something fresh and new. As long as Kirk does some kind of Kahn scream in the film I will go home happy 😀

    Live Long and Prosper – Spokonston

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