Mario Kark 64 Why is it Still Popular! What About Mario Kart Wii?

It is mandatory!!! if you have played Mario Kart 64 before to listen to this audio while you browse the site

gamers shall never forget you … I miss you again Uncle!

So Mario Kart 64 was released 1996, and it is still entertaining gamers around the world as one of the most played racing sims in the history of video games.

What made this title so memorable, and continue to surpass its later installments?

Well for starters it was one of the biggest games leading the way into the 3D genre from the 2D graphic plain. Nowadays anything with Mario’s face is on can be sold for some gold coins, but on the Nintendo 64 the only other Mario game available at the time was, Mario 64 another impressive game, but it did not have the world recognition that Mario Kart 64 has obtained.

Some say it is the revolutionary overall game design that stuck with its fans and made an everlasting impression. I think that the success was mostly attributed because of the outstanding multiplayer design and ability for crazy moments to happen and shock the player. Not only was it the multiplayer, but at the time there was no internet play on the current gen consoles.

which brings me to my next point, Nintendo continues to support playing video games next to your friends instead of across a series of tubes called the internet.

If you never got this screen you don’t know shit about Grand Prix

So how come the excellent game play on the Wii exclusive Mario Kart Wii has not resonated with the Mario Kart 64 fan base?


while the racing is fun, and the tracks and items are all appropriate, it ultimately is still very much the same game from 1996. While that is not a bad thing at all in any case, the value of new titles will degrade over years because it is something that has already been done

(If you know your best item is the banana you are automatically a pimp)

So what do you think, is the Wii version better? or will Mario Kart 64 continue to defy time with its gamer legend engraved in stone? I mean Pavement?

Shoot your green shells at the comment section below

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