Silent Hill Downpour Preview

Silent Hill Downpour has been largely unmentioned, since Mass Effect 3, Tomb Raider, Street Fighter Vs Tekken and other big  titles have  taking the main stage. But all indications say this may be the most cinematic version of Silent Hill we have ever received. Multiple sites say that this will not be like any silent hill game we have played so far (My opinion, GOOD!!!) There will be a new action combat system added to the game, and while I know most hardcore survivability gamers will hate the thought of this, the series has become somewhat stale and it is time for them to freshen it up. (Think Resident Evil 4, remember how much fun that was when it first came out?)

So give it a chance you crusty gamer geezers, and newcomers to the series I am sure will enjoy it anyways!

judge for yourself!!!

And for you Frost Trolls that are like …

are there gunna be vagina monsters!?!?!

Yes there will be vagina monsters!!!

Ready for the “Best Rage Face of the Day”

Make it so …

So what do you think about Silent Hill, are you done with the series? Or will you give it a go, just so you might find another Vagina Monster?

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Gavin Jedionston


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  1. I really like ti, its like a fresh start, its exploring the southern area, has no connections to the other series, its like a reboot, but more incline to a Fresh Start of things. which is what i think the series desperately needs. (also another black guy who hopefully won’t be downplayed.) The Music has a lovely hint of guieao Del Torro, Which is funny coming form the guy who did the theme song for the show Dexter, I think this is a new era for the SH franchise,and its doing a lovely job contributing to the mythology.

    • totally agree, the recent games are not what I would call stale, but I think if they kept doing the same type of game play it would start to lose steam right about now. Perfect timing to reshape the engine and bring back the scares we all have nightmares about.

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