Star Wars Episode 1 Phantom Menace 3D Sink or Float?

So guess what! its that time of year again when Star Wars movies start getting put back in the theaters with a new version, and do we like it?


I don’t really care how many times Star Wars comes out, it just gives me another reason to watch it. If you are tired of Star Wars maybe you wont watch it, but its the WARS!

Will 3D make the movie better?

Probably Not

The theater version to my understanding, will not have any serious changes to the movie except that Yoda will now be completely Animated, and it will be in 3D

we all hated this Yoda anyways!

Basically we have to wait for all three of the mediocre movies to come out so we can see Lord Vader in 3D

That’s a picture of my costume for the movie

BTW This is the Official poster for the release, coming on Feb 10th

And the official trailer for the new version

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Gavin Jedionston


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