Metal Gear Solid Vs Splinter Cell (Metal Gear Rising Speculation)

No contest Metal Gear Solid wins.

Thought this was about a debate, to bad!

Instead I will be discussing the up and coming New Metal Gear Title:

“Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance”

This is the latest trailer from the 2011 VGA

So the game will feature, princess Raiden, on a slashy, anima style, vibrant colored splash attack, will it be fun? MOST DEFF!!!

Lets put it this way, When has Hideo ever let us down? You see even though he may have left the project to work on other things, that doesn’t really mean much, because he never had a huge roll in it TO BEGIN WITH!!!

all this guy does is get stoned and make good video games

simple as that!

The current developers at Foxhound Headquarters, Konami- Kojima-Productions have more then enough skills to create good games. Remember Zone of the Enders? Do you really think Hideo made these games by himself? Maybe he did, but I’m just saying there is no reason for gamers to be worried, while the development team at Kojima Productions has proved itself time and again.

I do think it is safe to say one thing though. No matter how hard Hideo likes Raiden.

Nobody else ever truly will …

I see it one out of two options, you either like girly white haired anime dudes, or you don’t

(I like them! and don’t lie chances are you probably do to)

I have hosted a heavy amount of white haired create a character in my time, TRUST ME!!

This my Lazer Tagz Crew, Im right up front

Always ready for combat, and shooting you straight in the face!

Still don’t like Raiden, end of story!

So what do you think? Metal Gear branching in a direction you are not comfortable with? Or do you think it was only a matter of time before Kojima Productions started branching out into other avenues of game design?

Assimilate your thoughts, into ours. Post your message into the collective comment center below

come check out my blog  in the {{STAND BY FOR ASSIMILATION}} section and talk video games!

Gavin Jedionston


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  1. i like Metal Gear Solid its a classic but Splinter Cell looks cooler even tough its from the same person he is getting better through out the years from the first Metal Gear Solid

  2. Yeah Splinter Cell has been getting over the years. I still think that it is awhile before it keeps the momentum to challenge MGS series though.

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