Diablo III Preview

Diablo III picks up the story twenty years after the events of Diablo II. Mephisto, Diablo, and Baal have been defeated, but the Worldstone, which once shielded the inhabitants of the world of Sanctuary from the forces of both Heaven and Hell, has been destroyed, and evil once again stirs in Tristram. Playing as a hero from one of five distinct character classes, players will acquire powerful items, spells, and abilities as they explore new and familiar areas of Sanctuary and battle hordes of demons to safeguard the world from the horrors that have arisen.

Is it going to live up to the hype?

Lets talk about it!

Anybody waiting eagerly for Diablo III, will probably tell you they are sitting patiently, awaiting the next installment of one of the most innovative games to date. But sadly things may not work out exactly the way we have planned. There is no denying that Star Craft 2 was an exceptional game, but the $60 price tag on release did not sit well for everyone, making the game far less popular then it could have been, if other precautions were taken beforehand.

Diabo III will most likely follow the same path

It is common knowledge, that games have adapted to consumers, and in that adaption free games with loads of content have been made available to all gamers free! So when games like (League of Legends) which is one of the most popular free online games to date. Start to win over the consumers, there creates a rift between people who want to pay money for a game, and ones who don’t. This hurts PC games especially, because a lot of the foundations for these games, such as SC2, are based on refined engines that have already been used for countless other games, that are currently free to the public.

So what do you think? Will Diablo III blow us off our gamer pedestal?

Or is Blizzard in for a rude awakening?

Assimilate your thoughts, into ours. Post your message into the collective comment center below.

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  1. Just want to comment and say first and foremost, that Diablo III will be amazing as hell, literally. Also, I think SCII is about as perfect of a game in the RTS genre as you can get. Blizzard may be greedy and make tons of money, but when was the last flop they released? They shit nothing but gold, and have done so ever since warcraft in my opinion

    • Yes blizzard has always made awesome games, but I think that they are not as fresh as they were ten years ago. And while Star Craft 2 was great, I feel like I am playing the same games, with better graphics. Some in game systems are not even as refined as in previous titles. Guess I jumped ship to the Bioware boy’s lol. Not really though, I love Blizzard and Bioware, end of story.

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