Diablo III Release Date and Details

So about two days ago Blizzard announced the official release date of Diablo III, May 15th!!!

This is the new artwork for the box coverjust kidding…

just kidding again…

The wait is finally over…

Now that the wait is over are you as excited as you were five years ago?… I am! Blizzard also gave a sneak peak of…

“Ultimate Diablo III Experience”

I dunno how much that thing is going to cost but I need it…


Blizzard now has a full website (that looks like the same web designer from WoW) dedicated to Diablo III. Also here is a list of the playable classes if you don’t know them yet.

Each link will take you to the class page on Blizzards official website.

Wizard    Witch Doctor   Demon Hunter   Barbarian   Monk

Needless to say countless hours of gamer time will be poured into oblivion over this game, I for one will be looking for any and all glitches in the game, while exploiting every newbie that steps into my server…That’s what Diablo is all about right?

Are you a little kid playing your first Diablo game? DROP YOUR SHIT IN A SACK AND WE TRADE ON THREE GOT IT!!!!





Hehe… you lost all your items 😉

I’m thinking Wizard now, but I might go with a Monk and name him Krillin if it’s still available when I log in.

Assimilate your thoughts, into ours. Post your message into the collective comment center below.

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Gavin Jedionston


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