SFXTK DLC Fighters Listed, Not Just On-Disc, Also Online!

So, Capcom got themselves into some hot water earlier this month when it was revealed that 12 upcoming DLC characters for Street Fighter X Tekken were actually on disc.

DLC Roster Update

Well, the plot thickens, as some crafty hackers have not only managed to unlock the full roster, but are actually playing with them online. A post on the Capcom Unity blog by user Razum revealed that he fought someone over Xbox LIVE playing as Blanka, an unreleased DLC fighter. On the same thread, Capcom’s Christian Svensson posted that Capcom have opened a channel with Microsoft about it and are “working on bans for boxes and accounts with MS for haxxors.Using these new characters won’t be without ramifications, as those caught hacking content on their Xbox 360s are in violation of terms of service, which could result in a lifetime ban. To hold on Disc content from the buyer is utterly ridiculous in my opinion, but CAPCOM has always been ridiculous so obviously this does not come as to much of a shock.

The DLC characters are: Blanka, Sakura, Guy, Cody, Elena, Dudley, Alisa, Bryan, Christie, Jack, Lars and Lei

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  1. wow, original sf characters as DLC? thats messed up

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