Zelda Animated Series Update with Dylan Bailey

So I talked with Dylan Bailey the creative director of the new Zelda Animated show from PLATT College which now has a start date for production July 26!!! Some animators and writers have already gotten onboard and lucky me, I got to look through the first four episode summaries of the show. If you want to become part of this project, or have interest in it, leave a reply in the comment section. You can also contact me directly if you would like to get in contact with Dylan Bailey. Here is a link to the original article with additional info. Look for a release sometime in 2013!!!

New Zelda Anime In the Works At PLATT College

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  1. Wow! How come the guys at ZI didn’t know about this? They are the number one sight for all things Zelda. Anyways nice update. I am so excited to see how this will come out!!

    • Probably because I know Dylan personally so I have the most up to date info on what is happening on a daily basis. Since the project is only getting off the ground now, most Zelda sites probably have not covered it yet 😉

  2. Dude, awesome update, didn’t know they really are making an animated series I can’t wait to see it, can you give us a short summery of what any of the episodes are about?

    • J Dax… is that supposed to be Jadzia? But to answer your question, I will be posting another article tomorrow with some summary details, but I need Dylan’s approval before I post anything.

  3. So Do you think the series is faithful and different form the games? What does the animation look like? what is personal opinion on the the series thus far Gavin?

    • The animation is still in concept, but I have seen some of the ideas so far (sorry can’t post them yet). There is a website that will be coming hopefully soon with some animation previews on it. The story follows the series cannon, and aims to make sense of the Zelda timeline, while adding a new layer to the franchise. One big change is that Link will actually speak, in my opinion this is basically required but some people might not like it.

      Thanks everybody for taking a look at the article!!!

  4. This and TOME are going to be the best!! I Can’t wait for the new Zelda Anime Articles ❤

    • I know what you mean!!!.. And good news 4 u!, Dylan Bailey gave me permission to give a sneak peak at the Zelda series so I will be writing something soon with more details!
      (>”)> Thanks for commenting <(''<)

  5. Zelda Timeline making scene? zomg, this is going to be like the best thing ever. Dylan Bailey, you are like my favorite person in the whole universe right now! So are you Gavin! ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. Awesome! I’m excited for 2013!

  7. So there is a fan made anime? damn, props to you and this kid. I bet its going to be epic.

  8. oh my! 0//////0″ I just had a nerd-gasm! I bet this going to be the most epic anime ever!! I bet its going to be like Full Metal Alchemist! =D

  9. This is soooooo awesome!! Good Luck Dylan & Dirksteel123!!

  10. Thanks for the support everybody! FYI Dylan gave me the thumbs up on some sneak peak spoilers, so they are coming soon.

  11. you probably know me

    Niiiice. Will this be uploaded onto youtube?

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