New Zelda Animated Sneak Peak Preview!

For those of you who don’t know already, there was a Zelda animated series that was canceled in 1989 produced by DiC entertainment.  Well now twenty three years later, it seems the stars are finally aligned to get our beloved characters back on a screen. Dylan Bailey creative director of the new “Legend of Zelda” animated series sent me a rough copy of the first couple of episode drafts, and gave me permission to give some spoilers 🙂 so here we go!

The main focus of the overall story is to visually communicate the timeline, by following different stories and incarnations of Zelda and Link, as they  adventure across the magical lands of their respective timeline. I was not given any animation samples, because the team behind the show is still in the concept phase as far as art is concerned.

The first several episodes are based in the Skyward Sword timeline and follow the general story arc of the video game. The character interaction and use of comedy, are all befitting of the Zelda franchise we have come to love. There is heavy emphasis on the anime style presentation, and the scene format seems to comprise of at least three acts per episode. Dylan did not give me details on the length of each show, but with three acts I can only presume it will probably be a short episode series.

After being able to read through the first five episode drafts and having completed every core Zelda title, I think that the series shows allot of promise. Each side character is used exceptionally well, so that they will not convolute the timeline any further (which is a large feet to accomplish!) but also add new interactions between characters like Fi, Gaepora, Ghirahim. Groose and many others.

Production is slated to start July 26th with a release date sometime in 2013. Dylan Bailey visits this site regularly so any comments you post will most likely be seen by the creative director himself!!!

Assimilate your thoughts, into ours. Post your message into the collective comment center below.

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  1. Dude,this is getting more and more aweosme!! Can you please do an episode review? PLEASE?!

  2. Yes, I to am excited to here more, that is great no? Sorry for imperfect english. Comedy look fun.I am Happyz 4 this.

  3. EzioFannaDonna

    Tia Mia, this is but wonderful boasting News. I remember how god awful that old series was. Seems like this Dylan Bailey Guy has a lot of wonderful things in store for all of us fans.

  4. GhirahemLuvr63

    Sounds amazing!! I hope Ghirahim isn;t changed at all, I have a MASSIVE CRUSH on HIM!! ❤ Is he anything like his game incarnation? Is he more evil? do we find anything more on him?

    • Actually you will be happy to hear Ghirahim is almost exactly the same. He is one of Dylan’s favorite characters, so he wanted to make sure to do him justice.

  5. Dude where did you get the awesome pictures? also sounds awesome!!!

  6. no some of the picture was photoshop, the ones I drew, are Majora’s Mask, and “Steampunk Link”.

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