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I do it for you my old friends…

So since this is my blog I get to promote my own stuff right? I just started working on my first video game project with the Game Maker program and I plan to have it completed in six months. The game will be a  “Side Scroller Beat’em up” reminiscent of 90’s arcades of old, with a developed storyline and unlockable rewards and attires for the three main playable characters.

Story: The story follows the three main characters Kurzin, Bollie and Ciph on a rescue mission to save Kurzin’s family (Heather and his pet wiener dog Blue) from the worlds most dominate social corporation “Social Unity Corps”. But things take a twist when SUC (Social Unity Corps) shows it’s true colors.

Playable Characters

Kurzin: Former soldier who’s family (Heather and Blue) were stolen for unknown reasons by SUC. Kurzin must gather clues from various SUC operations across the world to unlock the truth of what happened.

Bollie: A sweet teenage girl who lives near Kurzin’s house and was walking by one day when she saw his cute doggie Blue being kidnapped by SUC operatives. Being an animal activist she knew it was her job to try and help Kurzin save his family.

Ciph: Mutated animal experiment created by SUC whose sole purpose is to seek revenge on the one who took him from his loving owners and made him into a monster. Knowing that this person was part of SUC, Ciph decides to wreak havoc on anyone who stands in his way.

That’s all the details I’m giving away for now, but I am super excited about trying to make this game a reality so let me know what you think?



Streets of Rage 2

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