Devil May Cry 5 Official E3 Trailer

Official DmC 5 E3 Trailer 2012 

This game is slated for a release TBA in 2012, the combat looks promising but long time fans will miss the white hair Dante (like me). This is there first time the DmC series has not been fully produced by Capcom, so now for the first time Capcom will be working with Ninja Theory productions to make this new installment. What does this mean for DmC? Probably good things if you are looking for a new fresh perspective on the game, but I honest;y think it is safe to say DmC fanboys will probably be a little upset when this gets released especially the story. The story is supposed follow Dante before he went to the island to stop the Demon merge so he is supposed to be a much more realistic person in general. Limbo City is a new feature (like Silent Hill) which Dante will travel through and will randomly find himself, in demon infested areas when caught by one of the demonic security cameras. It has been somewhat confirmed that when you go into your transformed state in this game your hair will turn white, just a little hope for those in need. 🙂

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  1. GreenGaurdian: Palidon of Courage

    this game is said by capcom,and ninja theory to take place in an alternate reality.

  2. Yes! This game really ROCKS!!!

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