10 Video Game Nanny Characters We’d Like to See

By Nanny.net

We think it’s about time nannies got their proper due and were recognized for the vital role they play in  households across the land. There’s no better way than to immortalize them in video games and bring the message to a new generation of youth. Here are 10 video game nanny characters we’d like to see:

  1. Nanformers – Develop your avatar’s housekeeping and care-giving skills, and earn points toward establishing her alter-ego. When she’s just about at her wit’s end caring for a houseful of screaming kids, she holds her spatula aloft, and cries, “Nanformer”!
  2. BatNanny – Nanny to the high society crowd, she is the grime-fighting caped caregiver of Gotham City. Parents whose children have been possessed by her evil nemesis, The Piddler, send up the “Nanny” signal, and BatNan swings into action, fresh diapers at the ready in her handy utility bag.
  3. Nanny Ninjas – By day they are the stalwart guardians of society’s children; by night, they are the stealthful sentries of society itself. Build your ninja skills and arsenal by successfully maneuvering the family vehicle through numerous road hazards, and get the kids to school and back home safely.
  4. Danny’s Nannies – Think Charlie’s Angels, but with babysitting babes who kick butt and fight crime in the streets, when they aren’t wiping butts and fighting grime in the home.
  5. Day Care Divas – You’re the manager of a nightclub whose main act is an all-girl band of part-time nannies. Help them design their homes and build a wardrobe, a la Sim City, while balancing their moonlighting gigs with their main gig and first love – nannying.
  6. Nantasm – Super nannies stave off evil cradle-robbers with a deadly arsenal of safety pins, cookie cutters and assorted  razor-sharp kitchen utensils. Don’t mess with the Nantasm.
  7. Hard Hitters & Babysitters: NFL 2012 (Nanny Football League) – OK, so maybe this is just a male fantasy, but think of the added prestige it will bring nannies with young boys in their care when they get to draft players like Nan Marino.
  8. CSI: My Nanny – Help your favorite child care crime-stopper as she sifts through mountains of evidence, and laundry, to keep your city safe, and your kids looking spiffy.
  9. Nanny Helsing – When the sun has set, and the shadows grow long, vampire huntress Nan Helsing trades in her children’s silver spoons for silver bullets and crucifix. It’s time to put the kids to bed, and hunt down the undead.
  10. Resident Evil: Nanny vs. The Demon Seed – In this thriller game, you are hired to nanny the Spawn of Satan; a child so vile and incorrigible that he defies all things nanny. It’s your job to defeat the forces of infantile madness sent straight from the pits of Hell.

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