48 Hour Film Project

So the annual 48 Hour Film Project comes to San Diego June 1-3 2012. The project features multiple teams of filmmakers from around San Diego (students and professionals), the project is to create a short film in less then 48 hours with a small team. Each team will have a set number of restrictions for their film including but not limited to, genre restrictions, character elements and locked script options. Most of the teams have already formed so joining a current one would probably be your best bet if trying to attend in a professional manner. I will be scripting and acting for PLATT College San Diego so hope to see you on the red carpet! Interested in finding out more? Or thinking about trying to join a team? Look at the link below for more information on the project website.

48 Hour Film Project

If you are an actor or skilled filmmaker and want to join or help out the PLATT College San Diego team send me and email at. The production manager of team PLATT is Dave Downes.


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