Diablo III Individual Class Beta Preview

By Gavin Johnston

So like every good Blizzard fan I sprang at the opportunity to get some play time on the open beta that ended today and ran through April 20th-23rd. I had enough time to get some play time into each class progression so I decided to let you guys know what I think, and what to expect once Diablo III goes live. Very nice of me if I do say so myself ;D

Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunter is probably the most badass character in Diablo III, if you liked hunters and rogues in WoW then you will be right at home with this class. They are a ranged specialist that uses a variety of deadly tricks and crowd control tactics. Though PvP will not be available until after Diablo III has been released, I can see this class being a requirement for any serious PvP team. The Demon Hunters weapon of choice is either dual crossbows or a two handed bow, and while I did notice a difference between the demon hunter and the wizards DPS scale. It is apparent that the Demon Hunter was meant for more then pure DPS and will be  a vital component in groups. Additionally the male voice actor was probably the coolest one of the five classes I played in my opinion and I am still contemplating if this will be my starting class when Diablo III goes live on May 15th.


a wizard is never late young guildling, he downs a boss exactly when he means to!

The wizard is hands down the choice for pure DPS in my opinion at this point. While the wizard has plenty of magic tricks to compete with the demon hunter and witch doctor, ultimately the wizards specialty is pure damage. One cool aspect about the wizard is that you don’t necessarily need to focus into a special type of magic like fire or ice, because it is all available for you to use and easy to access as your character progresses. This is an especially cool bonus, because most magic user players like myself, desire to have an arsenal of moves to display in a flashy way. I predict a long shelf life of top DPS for this class, but between the wizard and the demon hunter it’s a pretty hard choice to make in my opinion. As with most high DPS classes obviously your durability will always be an issue but if you are choosing a wizard class you probably already expected that.

Naming Penalties: If you were thinking about naming your monk character: Krillin, MasterRoshi, Avatar, Nappa, Yajirobe or Tien FAIL!!!I already plan on reserving them on launch day so back the %*#@ OFF!!! or ill see you when PvP is released, mark my ^&@)% words.


Half paladin half rogue!?!? sounds cheap as %$*#!!!

The monk is an interesting class and will be cool to see progress in the end game content, they are not exactly a typical melee class, besides the ability to tank and DPS, monks can use a variety of support abilities to make them a more viable crowd control class in addition to blazing fast physical attacks. Not exactly sure why but the female and male monk voice actors both sound Russian for some reason. The monk also has the ability to use two handed or duel weapons but seriously, if you can punch people to death you better do it. I can already hear the barbarians complaining in general chat about monks rolling on weapons, and I can’t  wait to troll them all by sending them individual WoW spam for no reason.

btw I don’t really do this Blizzard so don’t ban me… please

I used the magic word!!!

I have Tyrael’s Charger so you know what kind of player I am 😀

 Witch Doctor

I think it’s pretty obvious that the witch doctor is filling the shoes of dot master and buff maniac while being able to dish out decent DPS at the same time. The witch doctor takes some inspiration from the shaman, warlock and death knight from WoW, but the witch doctor is seriously cooler then all of them at this point. Doc can dish out some serious damage with his voodoo while managing the crowd and summoning evil creatures and is an equal asset compared to the wizard and demon hunter. I think I noticed a slight increase in durability when compared to the wizard but that is all subject to change so take it with a grain of salty demon blood. Throwing jars of killer snakes to dot down your opponents was more then satisfying, but I really hope Blizzard does the right thing and brings back Harrison Jones so I can throw snakes at him and watch him run away.

Jock: Oh that’s just my pet snake Reggie.

why did Jock bring a motha@$&*# snake on a motha$!!*#@ plane???


Just FYI I posted these class descriptions in the order that I played them, lastly the barbarian. I was pretty sure that I was going to play as a wizard or demon hunter but after I played as the barbarian I started to think I might have to go back to my melee roots on this one. The barbarian is everything you want in the class, crushing blows that devastate your enemy with heavy durability against all your enemies. The barbarian is a noticeably larger character avatar then the other classes, so for those with little man syndrome, you should fall right into place with this class. If you want to tear apart the demons of Diablo in the most brutal fashion while protecting your companions, the spirit of the barbarian is within you. This class seemed to be the easiest in my opinion because little effort was needed to keep myself alive during all the fights from lvl 1-13.

Oh and don’t even think about trying to use Conan or Grunt as your name ^ see monk names for penalties of usage

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  1. Diablo 3 is about to be available in the US soon. Do you have a key for beta tester?

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