Problems with Video Game Addiction? Illustration By Alex Sotomayor

Illustration By Alex Sotomayor

Do you know when enough is enough? Video games have captured the imaginations of people across the world, but as with any type of entertainment they are highly addictive.  Like television or the internet, video games have now been accepted as part of modern culture, but studies show that an alarming number of people are still addicted to video games and don’t even know it.

Take me for instance, I play video games, watch shows about video games, write articles about video games, plan on becoming a video game developer and overall love video games.

Am I a victim of video game addiction?

Short answer no.

Addiction has to have some negative attribute, and in a time where everyday life is littered with various types of addiction trends. The difference between trends and addictions starts to become a very thin line, ultimately only you can tell if you’re having issues with an addiction. If you are, find somebody to help you out, or commit your soul to my blog, and I promise to take care of you… forever.


I will be posting an article next week about Comic Con Costumes.

“live long and prosper”


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