Zelda New Animated Series Update

Here is a small teaser for the upcoming Zelda animated series, Developed By James Miller, Dylan Bailey and Carrie Ann. I am currently writing an episode as a featured writer so check it out, or I will never forgive you. The project is starting to really pick up steam with the team coming together and I can’t wait to see whats in store for Zelda in 2013. Animators are needed so now is the time to jump on board Zelda fans!

Here is a link to the video

(There are still positions available to join the team, so use the link for more info if your interested)

Zelda Animated Series Teaser.

(Also here is a link to the .pdf booklet with detailed info on the project)


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  1. PowderGirlLeah9121

    Wow, this teaser, and update is amazing!! Cannot wait!!

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