Zelda Animated Series Kickstarter Update with Jedionston

Here is the latest greatest with the “Zelda Animated Series” that is currently in the works with Dylan Baily and the ever growing team of Zelda enthusiast at Platt College San Diego. I am currently writing some of the episodes in the series which I’m not sure if I’m allowed to talk about (so I won’t), and also get to perform as a voice actor for the new character “Jour”. So needless to say I’m super excited about this and you should be to, so what juicy updates am I going to release you ask?

Well to start off the good news, I have some pdf documents that will do most of the work for me! This is the introduction booklet with information on the series, so click below to check it out!


Also this is a complete list of all the episodes in the first season, which will also be preformed as radio plays soon!

The Legend of Zelda Episode Guide List

The Project Zelda Team 

Greetings Fellow Zelda fans and Anime Otaku’s of the World.  Have you ever thought to yourself “I always wanted to see the legend of Zelda as a huge epic animated series! “ Well you’re dreams are coming true.  Of course some of you all are saying but wait isn’t there already a Zelda anime in the works? Yes, it’s by friends of ours, (and is based off the manga’s) but this kickstarter is to really get us, Project Zelda money to get animators, and other equipment. This non-profit fan made Zelda anime is based off the Video games, and we are starting right at the beginning.   As we all soar into the Sky, with season one being based on skyward sword.
The series dives deep into hyrule’s mythology and history, and combining 2D and 3D animation.  The series was created to celebrate the legend of Zelda’s history as well as the fans.  We are trying to get to our goal of raising a total for the full animation (and other equipment) budget of 24 episodes is 4,853,300 dollars. Yes folks creating an anime is very expensive to make and for this special occasion it’s all worth it, as you’ll see the origins of the Gerudo , The Sheikah and other  secrets of Hyrule  as well as we try to make sense of the infamous Timeline itself (which we will set ourselves apart by featuring Original stories.

Come check out this early preview showcasing some Zelda videos

Assimilate your thoughts, into ours. Post your message into the collective comment center below.

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  1. We haven;t started the Kickstarter yet XD i;m waiting for lines, and for the rest of people to give me there lines and feedback, before I make one.

  2. you probably know me

    is the series going to be canon, or canon with some of your own spin offs? I would assume the animation would have its own spin offs..

  3. Well we have not really established an animation style all together yet, but the writing and production team are working on a radio play version until then.

    • you probably know me

      but as far as dialog goes, are you going to stick to the main Zelda story? Or mix it up a bit? Either way, it’ll be fun to see what you guys come up with.

      • The story is the same but different, best way to put it

      • The story follows the same main chain of events in the Skyward Sword Timeline. There will be new characters and new adventures that will define who each of the character are, also some things in the game will not be in the radio play.

  4. Actually Sad news is the series is canceled. :c however a trailer is being made for cast,crew, and fans.i am waitign on one very important thing, that will make the trailer very complielte and worth the wait.

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