My name is Gavin Johnston aspiring video game developer, musician, 3D animator, graphic designer, coder, film director and family man. I have spent a great deal of my life beating video games since the 90s up until the most recent video games today. I have dedicated my life to the observation and understanding of this art form that I find so awesome. Accumulating a lot of knowledge over the years I have decided to start a site where I can publish short articles and blogs cataloging my video game interests from this point forward.

I have a blog that I post on “casually” {{STAND BY FOR ASSIMILATION}} located in the sidebar.

I have a Twitch channel where I have a mix of walkthroughs, live games and discussions.  http://www.twitch.tv/dirksteel

 Dirk Ziggler Mania


Associate of Science in Graphic Design from Platt College San Diego

Currently Attending Ex’pression College for my Bachelor’s degree in Game Art and Design.

  1. Aaron from Student Government at El Paso Community College

    Hey how’s it going buddy, i recently subscribed to your page cause of your artwork. I specifically appreciate the Tekken face off image you had posted. I represent the Student Union and will be hosting a Tekken Street fighting tournament and would like to use the image for a flyer. May i have your permission? you can Email at any time. Thank you 🙂

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